Desktop GPU and S-Video, can we get 240p?


Anyone here have any exp. working with 240p on any Desktop card with S-Video? Been trying on an AMD Radeon 3450 with no success(various xrandr/xorg tweaks/attempts). As well as an FX 5200(with older Linux kernel+proprietary drivers) and NVIDIA 7000m(laptop with S-Video) I’m under the impression that Desktop GPUs can’t output 240p, I read somewhere(don’t remember), but not with a lot of detail, that Desktop GPUs can’t output 240p because of their NTSC encoders or something(I would love this to be proven wrong). RetroArch on my Wii and Lakka/RetroArch RPi1 look great, but I only have Composite for both and I’ve been wanting to try S-Video for a while now.


The TV-out ports on video cards are not programmable AFAIK. That is, they’re hardcoded to output 480i and won’t do 240p.

You should be able to get a cheap set of svideo cables for your Wii, though.


Ah okay. Thank you. I was planning on getting S-Video for my Wii already. Just wanted a way more powerful machine for emulation, while using S-Video. I have a power/reset ribbon and S-Video for my PS2 on the way as well. Was hoping on just using a PC for this.


I’ve got both of these cards as well. Didn’t try a lot of tweaking on Linux yet, I’ve mostly used them on Win98 (FX) respectively XP (Radeon), it looks like the FX has a better picture but less flexibility. The Radeon will accept 240p as an input resolution, and it will make a difference, but the output will still be interlaced. The FX seems to be stuck with some standard PC/TV broadcast resolutions. On the other hand, the difference between it’s S-Video and RGB - (I also got a VGA-Scart adapter) isn’t that significant. The Radeon curiously didn’t even come with a PAL resolution/refreshrate out of the box so to speak, maybe it’s a driver thing.