Desmume rotation?

Is there any way to use the Desmume rotation function? In order to play Hotel Dusk with proper controls.

Retroarch rotation is not the same thing and there’s no rotation function in core options, only the option to swtich vertical and horizontal screens.

Any idea?

I know this is a very old thread but are there any solutions for this?

Also searching for solutions. Desmume works perfectly in stand-alone, why not in retroarch?

I’ve managed to get it to rotate and display just fine using RetroArch.

Quite literally the only issue I have is that I have to turn my wacom tablet sideways to compensate. Same thing works if you’re using the mouse.

I’d love a way to flip the control orientation though, that way I could use the Right-Stick while playing these sideways games.

Hello, Same problem for me. Does anyone have a solution? It is indicated that it is possible on the DESMUMES wiki but option not found on RetroArch