Detecting gamecube games

Hi folks I’m writing (yet another) library manager, and have been digging into the libretro database. I managed to find most of the serial strategies, but gamecube is one that I can’t really figure out how to extract the serial.

Reading the first 6 bytes of the iso file (after I looked into a hex editor) I get things like GFZE01 for F-Zero. However the database has the following entries: DL-DOL-GFZE-KOR DL-DOL-GFZE-USA

I first thought the last 2 bytes were the region, but I poked at the isos and both have the same value on the first six bytes.

Does anyone know how we find the region of the iso on a gamecube iso?

Thank you

Ah never mind I was looking at the “redump” dataset, the dat files from retroarch have this fixed :slight_smile: