Development Suggestions

When I had problems with Retroachievements in RA, logging out and logging back in on the Retroachievements website itself helped. You might want to try that.

Hmmm, thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn’t fix it. My RetroAchievements are working fine in RetroArch on PC and when I use the standalone Duckstation app on XSS. The only thing that doesn’t work is RetroArch on XSS, which is where I play almost everything…

It would be awesome to add some pictures as backgrounds for Ozone menu, and a black theme too. If we could put some backgrounds and also change its transparency, this awesome driver it would be even better. It’s my favorite menu by far.

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Hi, I use retroarch on Nvidia shield and it has worked great. Was setting it up for someone and since shields latest upgrade retroarch cannot see the usb stick. It shows under file explorer but will not scan as new directory. I checked mine and it still works because was already loaded but also does not show usb. I loaded on old fire tv device and everything works like it should. I am not sure what is wrong or how to get retroarch to see the usb stick and I am assuming it is because of update as has worked great in the past. Any help would be appreciated.

I have the same problem. Since the shield upgrade to 9.0 last week, Retroarch does not show the files on the usb drive which contain the roms. Is this being looked at for a fix?. Thank you.

Yes, this is not a Shield issue but an Android 11 issue. It also apparently affects Plex, and Nvidia is supposedly working with them on a fix. Perhaps this hypothetical fix will benefit us, as well. Nevertheless, we are still working toward a solution for other non-Shield devices, since it appears the asinine “scoped storage” problem is not going away.

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I’m a PSV and 3DS player. I need a function that can bind ESC button. When my button is set incorrectly, I can’t cancel, I can only delete the whole configuration file. But I found no, or I don’t know where to set it. These are translated by translation software. If there are grammatical errors, please forgive me

Maybe adding sound effects for the menu e.g like scrolling up or down on playlists, since accept and cancel has sound effects.

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Yeah, I agree. I would love to see more of the sound effects hooked up.



Many tablets lack vibration motors making touch controls less intuitive despite its larger screen area.

Suggestions for emulating physical buttons for tablet touchscreens:

-button click sound when button is depressed

-different click sound when button is released

-visual to show where you’ve touched (like in android’s “show visual feedback for taps”). Dot is green when a button is hit and red when the the finger misses hitting buttons (or a circle/x for the colorblind)

Misc. suggestions to improve haptic feedback (not for tablets):

-slight vibration when button is released

-toggle whether a given button should vibrate/play a sound or not, to ground oneself like how keyboards have a raised ridge on only f and j

Whether any of these are taken into consideration at all, thanks for this wonderful, wonderful program.


Second Screen Option

Integrate weylus for second screen or extended screen. This would be cool for retro consoles who have a second screen. GBA/NGC, NintendoDS, Dreamcast, Nintendo3DS, Wii/DS, WiiU, etc

Mirroring on the tablet or phone to get a close experience to the original console.

Maybe the second screen can also be used to navigate through the retroarch menu while playing the game. e.g to apply shaders, to change input, to change core settings etc

Looks cool. AFAICT it just mirrors the screen, though, so it shouldn’t need any integration, just run it and go.

Yes sure it is working as mirrored display. It can also work as second display but therefore it need some integration. it would be cool to have that integrated within retroarch. like out-of-the-box-use.

Moreover it is a good starting point because of the flexibility of the code. Win, Mac and Linux support. Plus Brower Support on mobile devices.

Some CD-based systems have the option to pre-load the entire game into the RAM, it takes some time and a friend of mine even thought the whole thing had frozen since some games take time to load up, a minute, maybe less, maybe 10 seconds, maybe more, we only get a static screen from the menu itself or the frontend if launched from outside, is it possible to add a progress screen like the Duckstation does? Even something like this for loading shaders would be a welcomed addition too.

Dolphin compiling shaders

Wait, both bars are identical, I just noticed that!

The status of the game will be made available via REST to make it possible to develop company applications to facilitate some games or make the game publicly available.

I tried to see how I would do it but I couldn’t see a way to integrate with the tools already available today. I’m new to this part of interacting with ROMS.

I’m sorry, I don’t understand the question. What are you wanting to do, exactly?

I was thinking about an app for the MHFU that helps in choosing the next weapon/armor with the materials released. But with the game status available it is possible to do much more with it.

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Not having to define what you already have manually, but integrated.

I think any core that supports achievements should expose the memory in such a way that you could do something like that.

Does your HDD LED flash when the Shaders or CDs are loading?