Development Suggestions


But why you can’t add link “download ALL cores”? or ALL boxarts etc.?


Because bandwidth isn’t free


Choice is Choice, and some of Cores got huge mount of size. even bigger then RetroArch Self.


interesting. I didn’t think of that. Yes that bandwidth can be restrictive. Any way to use a torrent share system for those that have installed Retroarch (or an option to), rather than JUST getting it off your servers?. This keeps your bandwidth costs low, and speeds faster?


Thanks Hunterk. Those make sense now that you mention them. I still find Retroarch confusing to he new user. Maybe I should use Hyperspin if its more automated.

A1: Because not all cores are emulators. 1: Gotchya.

A2: No Favouritism 2. Is there a reason why? It would help me to have a default, or, most compatible.

A3: Ask @Kivutar 3. Thanks will do. I’m happy to make more artwork for you guys as well, but I couldn’t find any art requirements in the development requests.

A4: Not everyone wants it that way. 4 Fair enough. I find it very manual. (It would be nice to have an automatic option though.)

A5: Licensing and don’t want to offend anyone. 5. Yes, but it keeps retroarch looking untidy and manual i feel. (not everyone’s issue of course) . Having to go and google each core is frustrating. Rather than offending a developer, the default could be crowd selected, or from a core that has the most compatibility surely.

A6: too many old cores 6: see 5

Yes, downloading all the thumbnails takes ages. Ever thought of just scraping an open database like kodi/plex do using IMDB or TVDB. Would be faster and save you bandwidth/management?, or might be a good place to start.

I love retroarch, and i’m going to keep hacking away at it to see if I can get it to work. I just have to figure out: Mame, Commodore 64, dolphin, and how to update Retroarch without completely reinstalling. (ever thought of adding an update button)

Thanks so much for your responses. Its good to have a much clearer insight now.


Great! Thanks for the reply.


Request: RetroArch to accept language translations via Transifex services?

Suggest that you setup a new project for RetroArch on Transifex translation services (and maybe seperate projects on Transifex for libretro-database and official frontends like Lakka) to get crowdsourced translations from your community.

Many popular open source software projects use Transifex workflows to get free string language translations via crowdsourcing from their communities.

Example of an open source project using Transifex for many years is Kodi as you can read here: and here:

For end-users wanting to help out with the project using Transifex to translate strings is as easy as using a wiki.

Users just need to register an account for free on Transifex then join the project for the languages they know and begin to translate strings they understand.

All you need to do is point to files on GitHub you want translating and then copy/pull them from Transifex on a regular bases (usually before each release).


Would it be possible to have an option in settings to enable or disable quitting out of Retroarch? IE: having a tab to display “Quit Retroarch” On or Off, and more specifically on Android not being able to press the back button to quit out of RA?

I have a android device that I’m only trying to run RA for.


So we have an option to zoom in or out the overlay, but not to move it left/right, up/down. That option would be great and a big help in further customizing overlay controls placement in android!



Instead of image adjustmnet shaders put an image adjustment section in Quick Menu with Save for Core and Save for Game options

Current image adjustment zoom still is limited inside the viewport bounds


Please Please Pleasssseee!

I am using RetroArch for android and the Save State needs to be changed to Enter a number.

The increment only means that if a person accidentally taps the State Slot button, they have to lose All data, since there is no way to get back to Slot 0 (or any slot less than current number)



You can use Hotkey function to straight exit RA, only it won’t save any setting changes (afaik) if you don’t go to menu and quit


Hi guys, (sorry if this has been requested before).

In Retroarch (Windows), when full screen is enabled, when you start or stop a game, Retroarch screen get off and you can see Windows OS screen for a second or less.

It would be great if it could display a black screen (for example), so you don’t have to see a Windows OS blink and offer a more inmersive experience.

I love Retroarch / Lakka! thanks for your hard work.



I can confirm this issue. Having a “smoother” transition between the RetroArch GUI and the launched Core would be quite nice to have. I don’t know if this is possible to achieve?


I’m not sure if this has been suggested already and then deleted, as I couldn’t find anything regarding it through Ctrl+F, but one suggestion I’d like to make would be the ability to boot up Super Game Boy-compatible games in Super Game Boy mode through RGUI.

At the moment, Super Game Boy mode can only be activated through CLI, which can be quite cumbersome for someone such as myself who wishes to play Game Boy games through the Super Game Boy but isn’t exactly well-versed in command lines (VBA-M can recreate the colors and borders, but that’s just about it; SGB mode through CLI is the only way to attain authentic emulation of the peripheral).

If the next build makes it so that Super Game Boy mode can be activated through RGUI, the process would mainly boil down to selecting how one wishes to boot up a Game Boy/Game Boy Color game, which would make the process of switching between handheld mode and Super Game Boy mode far more convenient.

One thing I’ve heard on the forums is that Super Game Boy 2 will not work in any of the Nightly builds, so ideally it’d be good to see that issue get addressed as well.


When will we see a proper hotkey setup that allows ANY key to used with or without hotkey instead of the franken hotkey we have now? It should act more like a shift key and I should be able to have a dedicated Exit key, but use a “shift” key for save/load/rewind/etc… and it shouldn’t just be limited to the dozen hotkey commands… every key should have a normal and a shifted value. Then things like Select and Start button can be the same… one with hotkey (shift) depressed and another key with the shift key unpressed.

The problem as it stands now, you can’t mix hot and not hot keys, and I would have think it would take more code to do it that way than just a proper shift key system. Also you can’t disable hotkey and set dedicated buttons to gamepad/joystick inputs. When hotkey is off, you can only use keyboard commands for dedicated things like exit, reset, save and load. So I’m forced to buy xarcade encoders as they are the only decent and affordable keyboard encoders and not joystick encoders like xin mo, easyget, etc.


Please add translation support


I agree with this - I believe there’s an issue with Steam Big Picture Mode that when you run a game in RA, it sometimes launches a second instance of RA because RA dropped focus momentarily, leaking the button press back to Big Picture Mode and causing Steam to launch a second RA instance.

If RA could run games without ever dropping focus that might help.


Late answer, but you can have an “enable hot key button” on your gamepad and map an hotkey on it too. Push both buttons at the same time.


If you mean translation romhacks, you can already run them just fine via load content.