Difference between bsnes core and bsnes-libretro cores?

Hi, could someone explain me the difference between these two cores? Whitch is the more accurate ? Thanks

bsnes (with nothing after it) and bsnes-hd-beta are the latest from upstream. The v094 and “mercury” cores are older (based on bsnes v094) but with some accuracy fixes backported. These cores’ main value is in tighter libretro integration, such as cheat and achievement support.

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Hi thanks.so the bsnes-libretro is based on he older v94 ? Right ? Thanks again

no, that one’s based on up-to-date bsnes, as is bsnes-hd-beta.


The ones with 2014 and mercury are based on v094 w/ accuracy backports. The cplusplus98 one is an older one that’s optimized for older compilers, so you can safely ignore it.

Ok thanks again for your advice Regards

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