Different controllers with start-button-issue

Hello there,

after trying two different N64 clone controllers now i ordered Tribute 64 USB controllers with the same problem.

My nvidia shield recognizes the start-button as the home-screen-button whats make it impossible to map that button, because when i have to klick that button to map it as the start-button im leaving retroarch and get back to the home-screen of the shield.

i tried to set the line "input_player1_start = “enter” " to “nul”, but i guess its a problem with the shield itself.

what can i do?

On my other android tv box (nokia streaming box 8000) the controller is reconized as “switch CO LTD., Pro Controller” but in D-Input and it works.

Why the cotroller is not in D-Input on the shield?

The problem is the mapper on the shield itself.

Any ideas?