Different Joypads for Different Cores

Hi, I recently bought a wireless Gamecube pad for the Dolphin core. I’m trying to figure out how to set Retroarch so i can use that for the Dolphin core and my other joypad (WiiU pad using WiinUSoft to use it as an Xbox pad) for my other cores. Currently when I try it sets my WiiU pad as player 2. This prevents me using it for most games as well as preventing me form quitting the game or entering the menu.

Any help appreciated.

AFAIK, the easiest thing is usually to turn the pad off when you’re done using it and then the other one will become P1.

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Do you mean setting the pad up as pad 2 first before turning pad 1 off? I will try that.

I tried this but wasn’t having any success. I thing I may be better off creating a gamecube/dolphin dedicated .cfg file.

It would just need to contain the joypad 1 related commands and the quit hotkey (which is not part of the joypad config for some reason). Maybe also the graphics driver info.

The key bit of information I need at this point is where Retroarch stores the ‘Device Index’ information. Does anyone know? Thanks.

I finally have a solution. It’s super clunky but it works. Joypads take their info from a couple of files including Retroarch.cfg as well as the autoconfig file(s) and maybe others.

My solution was to make a duplicate copy of Retroarch in a second folder with its own settings and a single core (Dolphin). For Gamecube games only Emulationstation points to this duplicate copy of Retroarch.

Do let me know if you come up with a better solution.