DIG doesn't work with Retroarch

Hello everyone,

I did install Retroarch on my Google Pixel to play my retro games everywhere (pc, shield, smartphone…). I stored my roms and saves on my cloud, and setup Retroarch to acces it. It works good.

I would install a front end to have a better user experience. So I did download DIG. But at launch, I have an error message “Retroarch can be not correctly close. Do you want enforce the close”. And when I launch a game, the DIG close himself, I have to relaunch the game. And sometimes it works, sometives the app crashs. It’s my firts issue.

My second issue is : at every launch of a game, DIG create a config file, and erase my specifics folders for save and savestate in Retroarch. This problem was solved dowloading an old apk of DIG, but it doesn’t look a good solution.

Do you know what can be my solution ? (I already uninstall retroarch and dig a few times).

I have the crash with daijisho too.

Thanks if you can help me (and sorry for my poor english :/)

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The first issue could be from using the Play Store version of Retroarch, Try the APK from libretro.

The second issue is fairly common and I don’t see anyone solving the issue.

I suggest trying Launchbox instead. I see a lot of reported success.

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Hello, thanks to the answer.

I downloaded the apk from the website (I tried with 32 and 64 bits), and no it works good (I just have to correctly end content and quit retroarch after a session, otherwise it crashs again.

I dreaded this answer for my second issue :confused: I’m trying launchbox, and will see if it desserve to buy the premium app (the standard app is limited by 100 games).

Otherwise I will use an old version of DIG until it’s fixed

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