Disc swapping on Reicast doesn't work



Some days ago I updated my RA build to latest official 1.7.6 and updated all the cores to latest available.

I’ve seen disc swapping has been added to Reicast anbd Dolphin, which is great. I hope eventually m3u support will be added to both cores as it’s a good companion to disc swapping future.

Anyways, main reason for opening this post is that I could not get disc swapping working obn reicast. On dolphin it works great, as expected, but on Reicast the game always crash on all the tests I did. Tried several multidisc games. For example on Shenmue, I load the second disk and start a new game, then the game asks me to change the correct disk, I do it via disc swapping, and the game does not recoignize anythinhg (keeps asking for disc swapping) and some seconds later, RA crashes.

Has anybody tested the feature on reicast core? Maybe I’m doing something wrong or is it really a bug?