Discord problem

hello hunterk, sorry this is offtopic but i am new here and also to the discord channel yet i was banned for some reason, which can only be a mistake because i entered yesterday and just asked couple of questions. can you please check if everything is ok with my account and help me to get unbanned? the name is sicherkumpel. thank you in advance.

You have not been banned as far as I can tell. Your posts are still visible.

I cant login anymore into ra server, it says i am banned. would you mind double checking for me please? other servers work fine. thx

You are not in our list of banned users. I just checked.

it happened right after i validated my phone number i think. how about deleting my email adress and username so i can resign again? i would like to use the same username and email adress.

I have no control over that stuff. You would have to take that up with Discord.

how is this possible dude? i am litteraly new since yesterday :frowning:

does my phone number has sth to do with it?

I have no idea. Like I said, you’re not on our banned list and I don’t have access to your phone number.

Are you using this invite? https://discord.com/invite/27Xxm2h

yes it says invalid invite like the pic above. this must be sth at RA`s end cause every other servers works fine and my account is fully valid and registered. pls help.

Try again. You were listed in our ‘members’ group and then when I tried to get more info on it, it disappeared, so maybe some weird upstream conflict or something. Anyway, you’re not longer listed as a member and still not listed as a ban, so maybe it’s worked out now…?

still invalid invite.

how is this even technically possible that i am on neither of the lists dude?

Dunno. Your posts seem to have vanished from the search, as well, though I can still see them in the scrollback:

EDIT: this seems to be a pretty common problem with discord and is usually related to people having been banned on another account and then when they verify the new account, it hits it, too: https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360061400632-HELP-Banned-but-not-actually-banned-

Have you been banned previously on another account?

no i was never banned before.

it must be some odd coincident then, my sim card is a new prepaid sim card. they reuse some numbers. maybe this number was banned years ago who knows.