"Display statistics" menu option - where did it go in RA 1.9.0?

I just upgraded to 1.9.0 and now I can’t seem to find the “Display statistics” (which shows frame count, audio buffer statistics etc. in in real time) menu option anymore.

In RA 1.8.6 it used to be in “Settings” -> “On-screen Notifications” -> “Display statistics” .

Anyone know where this option has gone in RA 1.9.0?

should be settings > onscreen display > onscreen notifications > notification visibility > display statistics

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I know its been 2 years but I figure its worth a shot. how about 1.10? cause its’ not there anymore for me.

heres proof that its not there. any ideas? just about to go insane. :’)

You need to enable the notifications first in the previous menu.

With it disabled the visibility menu looks like that, which of course should not happen, since the whole visibility submenu ought to be hidden in that case.

Then again those stats are separate from the widget notifications, so maybe it should be visible regardless.

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