Disscusions of ROMs

Sine there’s usually comments that comes up about where to get ROMs before it’s deleted or edited out. Especially since many need a good source of rom’s which are not going to cause issue’s or bugs. And many issues of emulation is due to roms

While I can point out a place where getting ROMs are discussed such as The Reddit channel “Roms”, what about a alternative place because Reddit is known to be toxic, outputting and frustrating.

From the List of Free and Open Source there is Aether a Reddit alternative

Open Source alternatives for social media which we can use for Emulation discussions as well as opposed to Discord too.

Can I create a private aether universe? I don’t know how moderation is going to be done in a private aether universe.

I have not used Aether but I can tell that from my short experience from trying out Reddit, is that I really hate Reddit’s censorship, shitty user base and restrictions on users. It would be nice if much more people adopted decentralized and FOSS alternatives to social media. Where to acquire ROMs in many forms ends up with people getting censored or banned. Why not try Aether and see if you like it.

I deleted my reddit account because

  • reddit is being overrun by GPT-2 and GPT-3 chatbots which pass turing test for shallow interactions that you have most of the time on reddit. Chatbots can learn topics, understand comments, and react. I think OpenAI is now testing GPT-4 chatbots.
  • Reddit is full of hostile people who downvote anyone who doesn’t have non-mainstream opinions. I wasn’t rude in any way, but lots of reddit personas were hostile against me for no obvious reason. I guess a lot of them were actually chat bots.

Be careful because many internet forums may have already been infected with chatbots.

Research dead internet theory.

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