Do SHADERS CG no longer work in the latest versions?

Guys, I only play with the or shader. In the latest updates I can no longer use the CG Shader neither with the GL driver nor with the Dx9. Can someone help me?

I always test with clean installations.

Sorry my english!

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Yes, the Cg package in mingw–which is used to compile RetroArch for Windows–broke at some point, so unless they fix that at some point, we can’t load Cg shaders in Windows any more. We knew this would happen eventually when Nvidia officially killed Cg 3-4 years ago.

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I didn’t know that, thank you very much for the answer.

This break was terrible for me. and are still the best in my opinion.

Do you know any that look alike?

I just ported those shaders (and combined them into a single one that you can switch between with a runtime parameter) to slang format, so you can use it with glcore/vulkan/d3d10/d3d11/d3d12 drivers. I put it in the ‘xbr’ directory instead of the ‘crt’ one.

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Thanks for the toll work !!! Did you keep the same name?

Yep, same name:

I will test now !!! Thank you very much!!!

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I think that in the CG version there is a little more transparency in the black lines. But your editing already saved me is just an observation.