Do these Mister lag tests transfer over to PC?

I bought a Switch SNES controller and i’d like to buy an 8bitdo DIY kit for an NES Classic controller. I bought 10 of theses when Nintendo was still selling them refurbished for cheap.

Anyways, both of these test pretty slow on the Mister tests. However I’ve seen’s (not great) tests showing them not add much lag over other controllers. Few other vids on YouTube that i cant remember right now.

I’ve also seen a guy beat Ninja Gaiden deathless with a DIY kit in an NES controller on an NES Toploader.

I’ve always wondered about the Mister tests because the Dualshock 4 is generally considered (and tested by many people) faster on PC over BT than over a wire. But these Mister tests don’t show that. It also shows the Xbox One controller as faster than the Dualshock 4 (both wireless). Which all other tests i’ve seen don’t show (On PC). It also shows the SN30 pro+ as very slow. But tons of people love and use these…

So maybe the Mister reacts to controllers differently than PCs or consoles? shrug

My SNES Switch controller feels slightly slower to me in Retroarch (PC) than the DS4 I normally use (wirelessly). But I think that’s because I looked at these numbers while it was in the mail to me. Not sure if it would feel fine if I hadn’t lol


heh, you’re right to be skeptical of how things feel since that’s subject to placebo effects.

Yeah, those figures are indeed accurate and Porkchop Express uses a very solid/smart methodology for the testing. OTOH, there is potential for confounding factors that could add some variance in certain situations, such as the bluetooth figures depending on the entire stack (including drivers and dongles). I know some people use those data to pick one controller over another because of differences of a handful of milliseconds, which I find a bit silly.

One data point that is very important and should be widely reliable, though, is the variance in response time. That is, even with a more latent controller (within reason), your brain will adjust and it’ll be fine as long as it’s consistent, but controllers with wide variance will always be a problem because your brain can’t adapt to that.

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I believe mister raises the poll rate of some controllers by default? So for those, the results can’t be compared to PC.


Hmmm. I wonder why the DS4 tests so much differently for everyone else. shrugs

The DS4 on PC is faster on BT than wired. Its only a bit slower wired, but overall more consistent. I used it wired, and overclocked, for a while but always end up going back to wireless. I find DS4Windows extremely annoying tho.

Guess ill just use my Elecom Wii adaptors with official classic controllers, and wired Retrobit 6 button Genesis, when i want to use a controller with a more original feel.

I was excited to finally get a switch SNES controller but its over a frame, mostly, of lag (on Mister anyways) :confused:

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