Does RA support stable mice mapping?

Hi - does RA have stable mice id’s? I have 2 aimtraks that have worked fine for months in Flycast. I updated the Flycast core today and I went to play Confidential Mission on Naomi. My P2 gun was not working.

I had to go into input and move my second mouse number from 3 to 1 which fixed it but somehow it seems my device order got shuffled around, which doesn’t make any sense as I have not added or unplugged any USB devices in months.

It just takes whatever the OS hands it. If you’re using Windows, I believe the “devreorder” utility can help.

Thanks for the reply. I see DevReorder but it looks like it’s for direct input controllers only.

Do you know if it works with mice? That’s the main problem I’m having. I have 5 mice on my arcade machine. 1 trackball, 2 rotary joysticks & 2 Aimtraks.

I don’t have any idea, sorry :frowning: