Does Retroarch Playlists Support Sub-Categories yet?

Retroarch playlists are great, but they are not ideal if you use a lot of systems with a lot of different games it seems.

Is it possible to have a playlist for a system, and have sub-categorizes for that system (Such a Genres?) versus have a separate playlist for every system multiple times to try to categorize them.

I understand I can sort them in folders, but I really like the thumbnail previews with boxarts + screenshots and I seem to lose that If I use the RA file browser.

No sub-categories, no. You can make individual playlists for those would-be sub-categories, though, which is easier than ever with the ‘manual scan’ option.

That’s good to know, but a little disappointing. Retroarch supports so many systems now. And just having a tab for a handful of those system leaves a lot on the UI. breaking those down further into sub categorizes, there would be so many of them :sweat: