Dolphin core crashes at start!

Help… I am using OnePlus 7t with Android 10. I manually install dolphin core from buildbot nightly latest then try to load gamecube or Wii game and crashes after 1 second. I tried all the recommended fixes like fastmem disabled, hardware context, core not changing driver, using Vulcan driver, sys folder in emu-dolphin, and bios in user folder. I want to use retroarch core because standalone has stutters every 4 seconds… Bad frame pacing! Help please!

Unfortunately, those are all the things I would have suggested. Fastmem disabled should be the big one, but it also makes the core unusably slow :confused:

I heard the latest build of this core broke something! Does everybody on Android have this crashing problem with this core? I wish Android had ogl driver but it seems it doesn’t.

In my experience, it wasn’t a build of the core that caused the issues but rather Android updates. As soon as I updated my Shield ATV to 9.0, Dolphin started crashing.