Dolphin core is crashing with Vulkan at start


I’ve got a problem with the Dolphin core in Retroarch (Linux, Flatpak, latest version). With the video driver set to Vulkan, games are crashing at start. Setting the driver to GL, games can be played but the performance is not good (heavy stuttering and audio issues). I’m running it on the Steam Deck. The Dolphin standalone emulator (flatpak version) runs fine. Are there people with similar issues or do anyone have tips for a fix?

Thank you!

Hmm, vulkan usually launches okay but crashes at some random time later. A log might tell us more, if you don’t mind generating one for us.

Have you tried the glcore driver? It usually gets better performance than regular GL.

With glcore there is no improvement after a quick look. :confused: Sure, here is a log I generated. Hope I did this right, set log level for frontend and core to debug (0).

I watched over it and in the end it says something about not connecting to wayland server which is a Linux specific thing!?

Yes, wayland is linux-specific.

It crashes right after declaring windowed fullscreen. I don’t guess disabling that setting has any effect?

Aside from that, I don’t really see anything obviously wrong. I’ll ask around and see if anyone else has had success with dolphin-libretro on steam deck.

Nope, nothing changes when disabling or enabling that setting. Thanks, maybe someone with a Steam Deck has another experience.

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just wanted to ask if someone is looking into this? The problem is still there. :confused:

Thank you!