Dolphin Crashing on Retroarch. Help Please!

Hi there! First poster here! I am having an issue running Dolphin on Retroarch. I have been getting a crash when trying to run the core. I have downloaded Legend of Zelda Wind Waker as well as Eternal Darkness-Sanity’s Requiem for the Nintendo Gamecube. I receive a white screen upon loading the game and, after a few seconds of no activity, Retroarch crashes with no error message. I have managed to collect the log files and noticed a Libertro error in the function glGetIntegerv. I have added the log files I obtained for brevity’s sake. Thanks so much to anyone with any insight into this issue!!

Looks like you’re using the default GL driver? Change to vulkan or d3d11 and make sure rewind and runahead are disabled.

Thanks! I switched my driver to Vulkan, and dolphin seems to be working. Unfortunately I have found an issue with Eternal Darkness. Starting the game brings up the quote by Edgar Allen Poe, and once the voiceover has finished narrating the quote, the game freezes and I just have to kill it. I’ve noticed that trying to fullscreen the game makes the entire screen pink and I just have no choice but to kill the game and run something else. Dolphin however seems to be running smoothly, as Zelda Windwaker runs like a charm! Thanks for that!

make sure you go through the setup steps outlined in the documentation:

I don’t know if that will help with the Eternal Darkness problem, but it might.