Dolphin Not Working

Hi, I am trying to get Dolphin set up mostly for the Wii emulation, but I cannot get it to work- it just says that it failed to open the core? Please help!

Try going to settings > user interface > show advanced settings ON, then settings > core > allow cores to change the video driver OFF. If that doesn’t fix it for you, post a verbose log of it failing to load and I’ll take a look.

The Dolphin emulator is no longer opening GameCube games with gl driver.

[ERROR] GL: Invalid enum.
[ERROR] [Video]: Cannot open video driver ... Exiting ...
[ERROR] Fatal error received in: "init_video()"

go to settings > core > allow cores to change the video driver OFF

The core still has the bug that makes RetroArch get stuck in the background processes after being closed. At least in Windows 7. Which means you can’t use any other game or core until you manually close it via task manager.

I tried. It didn’t solve…

when starting a gamecube or dolphin game it gets white screen, how can i fix this?

GameCube working now.


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Change your Video Driver to something else then GL

So having the same issue. Here was my original error log:

After this I followed the advise here and changed the driver to vulkan and changed the setting allowing cores to change drivers to off. Still not working, here is new log.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Hmm, looks like it’s missing a dependency, maybe…? That is, the “missing module” error.

Do you happen to know which one?

It doesn’t seem to say in the log, so no. I guess let’s see if anyone else can reproduce it.