Dolphin Userdata

Hi there how i should configure the directories to set Dolphin inside retroarch, use my file of the official Dolphin 5.0. becuase on every folder i start for example a Gamecube game, this create the structure :

“User” folder and the Sub-folders : User/Wii User/Config User/Cache User/GC User/Themes User/Styles User/StateSaves User/Shaders User/ScreenShots User/Maps User/Logs User/Load User/GameSettings User/Dump

On every directory i load games. i prefer use the “~/.dolphin-emu-triforce” but this folder is the same “User” for the Dolphin on retroarch.

How i should set correctly ?

You can try setting a core override to set your save directory to ~/.dolphin-emu-triforce in settings > directory

Can you explain me, please?

If it’s creating all of that stuff in the same directory as the game, that usually means it’s trying to put that stuff into the ‘saves’ directory, the default location of which is alongside the game/content.

If you want it to use the file structure that’s already in ~/.dolphin-emu-triforce, with your core and content loaded, go into the menu, go to settings > directory and scroll down to ‘savefile’ and point it to ~/.dolphin-emu-triforce, then go to quick menu > overrides > save core override, and that should do it.