DOS BOX configuring a PS3 controller, advice?

Any ideas how to get a PS3 controller working in DOS BOX? What are the different versions of DOS BOX?


If your controller works in other cores, you just need to go to quick menu > controls, then set the device type to ‘keyboard’, back out of the controls menu and then come right back to refresh it and then you can use left/right to set specific keyboard functions to your various buttons.

For DOS games that support gamepads, just go to the core’s control settings and set the device type of port 1 to “Gamepad”. For games that need an analog joystick, set it to “Joystick” instead. For games that don’t support gamepads or joysticks but only have keyboard input, you can use your real keyboard, or you can bind keyboard keys to your PS3 controller by setting the device type to “Keyboard + Mouse”, as hunterk mentioned.

Note that DOS games only support either 1 gamepad with 4 buttons, or 2 gamepads with 2 buttons. So make sure you only set port 1 or port 2 to “Gamepad” or “Joystick”, not both. Otherwise you won’t get 4 button support. (Many games have a setting for 4 buttons called “Gravis Gamepad”.)

As for the different cores, “DOSBox-core” is the modern one. “DOSBox-SVN” is the legacy one and is kept around for platforms not supported yet by DOSBox-core.

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