DosBox 3ds questions

I have a question I’ve been searching to answer on Google, etc, no luck yet…

I have installed the latest DosBox commit (1.3.6 DosBox 2f5a) .cia on my N3DS which is running Corbenik and Luma on newest firmware 11.1 I boot up DosBox, go to load content, navigate to the dos game I am trying to run on the emulator, run the .exe which I know starts the game, and I get the following error message: RetroArch [ERROR] :: cannot push NULL or empty core info into the playlist.

Game is Moraff’s Revenge, very basic DOS game made in 1988, loved it as a kid. I still have the full version that I bought from them

Last question (for now lol).

  • Is there a specific folder and area I should be placing the game folder at, right now it is in the retroarch folder on the sdmc root.

Thank you for your help!

i get the same F*kking problem… and no one here seems to have the answer :confused:

This looks like the same problem as here:

Make sure your retroarch.cfg file has the right “cores.path” value: sdmc://retroarch/cores

Or just freshly reinstall the complete retroarch folder from the 1.6.7 version, without using the old retroarch.cfg

can someone help me no d drive is what dosbox is saying on my 3ds