DOSBox @ 70hz w/ doublescan (640x400) - CRT Switchres

DOS games never actually ran at 320x200 due to doublescan, and forcing them to do so produces scanlines which are (IMO) way too intrusive. However, trying to run CRT Switchres with a custom modeline of 640x400 @ 70hz didn’t work, nor did 640x400@140hz. Only 640x400@120hz seemed to do the trick, but that naturally prevents maximum smoothness through BFI.

Relevant core options:

  • Refresh rate switching: ON

  • Scaler: Normalx2

Has anyone attempted to get this running at native resolution (doublescan) & refresh rate? It’s worth mentioning that running @ 70hz pushes the horizontal refresh above 30khz which is the lowest my monitor will support.

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Maybe this link can help you.

Sadly, no. Already went through that thread. Thanks anyway! :slightly_smiling_face:

Super old thread, but I documented my struggles with switchres and DOSBox-Pure here:

Setting 640x400 @ 70Hz on a CRT monitor using NVidia control panel and a displayport or hdmi to VGA adapter is easy enough once you have the correct parameters; you can then use ArcadeOSD to copy the necessary crt_range data into switchres.ini. Note that the data generated by ArcadeOSD can be out of range so tweaking the Y-res maximums is probably necessary. I zeroed out the interlaced numbers as they aren’t needed.