DosBox core and ExoDOS sets


Any way to use the pre config ExoDOS sets in DOSBOX core? It has everything ready to use in DOSBOX for Windows.


What is this config? Is it a regular Dosbox config file? Because then you should be able to do Load Content and pick the config file instead of a .exe file.


eXoDOS is basically a release of all DOS and Windows 3.x games, preconfigured for optimal gaming.

In my testing, the simple games that don’t require any install, like $100,000 Pyramid, do work. The ones that require setup, don’t.

The eXoDOS conf files should overcome all of this – they do on standard DOSBOX, just not sure how to get them going with Libretro core.

Here are a few sample eXoDOS configs:


Command Keen 1:


Yeah, like @newoski says, ExoDOS sets already have all content ready to run, thus, if DOSBOX for Retroarch becomes compatible with this set, it would be so easy, like loading a content for a cartridge console.



Have you tested loading a conf via RetroArch? How has your mileage been?


Trying loading them directly doesn’t seem to work, for games that need installation, like a separate iso and the conf files inside “!Dos” folder, they’re managed using a frontend or loader. In my case, RocketLauncher extracts the content to a temp folder and loads the conf file inside the !Dos folder, this module uses a special build of dosbox which will load Win 3.1 games, with some extras, like shaders, etc. I believe DOSBOX for Retroarch will work as soon as we figure out how to load the conf file inside the above mentioned folder, the same way it does in DOSBOX for Windows and RocketLaucher.


Sorry for bumping this, just wanted to know if there were any news/improvements on loading exodos games through RA.


Why would you need all that nonsense to load keen 1? ExoDOS sets are pretty tied up to the frontend they are using and I can’t really cater to that.

I stil want to improve DOSBox-SVN, I want to tackle zip file support with physfs so the changes are written back to the proper save directory and stuff like that but I don’t have any plans to work on something as specific as ExoDOS.

I appreciate eXo’s effort in cataloging, packaging games but I don’t like the way the sets work at all. The config files should be part of each game not part of the metadata pack so you don’t have to get GBs worth of stuff that you don’t care for to get it to work.


Even for stuff with CDs I added a solution recently

Only have to think a way for automounting. Configs should still work, just not configs with relative paths


Nice to see so many new stuff for the DOSbox core, I don’t use Exodos sets and only a .conf file is enough for DOS games to work, the only thing I missed some months back was a better performance, I’ll test the updated cores later to see how they run now. An example of my config file for CD games, in this case Blood:

@echo off
IMGMOUNT D: "C:\Roms\DOS\Blood - Crypt Passage (1997)\cd\1unit.cue" -t cdrom
mount c "C:\Roms\DOS\Blood - Crypt Passage (1997)\BLOOD"


What game doesnt perform well for u?..I have been going 1 by 1 on games for dos svn on android and have figured out most if not all errors from the ones I’ve installed…some games from exo set needed to be reinstalled while others needed to be ran from the cd itself…others needed changes to the conf file while yet others ran perfect out the box if it was set enable core options and advanced options off…only change there was in cycles…unfortunately not all games will use the same settings in the conf file so batch process will be impossible…