Dosbox Core & Scummvm Core



Created a couple of posts broadly about this already but no love from anyone as of yet, so trying to figure it out for myself but need a few pointers.

What i’m trying to achieve is to have the option to use the same control system used by the Scummvm core with the DosBox core, ideally retaining the existing dosbox control systems. For clarity, the Scummvm control system allows:

  • mouse control with left thumbstick
  • fine control of mouse by pressing and holding the right trigger
  • numpad keys assigned to right thumstick
  • mapping of various other keys to buttons.

This would be the perfect control setup for mouse based dosbox games, of which there are many but to name only a few: Civilization, Colonization, Centurion, Cannon Fodder.

I dont see how it’s currently possible to map these controls for the existing Dosbox core. If there’s a way, i’d be grateful for some pointers.

I have some basic coding knowledge so would be happy to muck about editing the core source code - if that’s permitted or indeed possible.

Many thanks in advance

H x