Dosbox performance loss and soundcard detection issues after update

I decided to update both retroarch and dosbox pure after like a year, and performance issues (slideshow fps) that where only present in Elder Scrolls: Arena seeped into other games. That, and Rise of the Triad stopped detecting any audio. Old save states still have working sound effects, just not music. Is there a fix? The drawn framerate stays low on both titles, like 3~5 fps, but this does not happen in stand-alone dosbox. Turning off all shaders or any enhancements does not affect the performance.

If you updated the core from the online updater, it should have made a backup of the old core. You could try it with the updated RetroArch to see if it’s the core or the frontend at fault.

Also, make sure you don’t have rewind and/or runahead enabled.

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I’ve just updated DOS Box Pure and it’s indeed running smoothly.

I’m so confused. Reloading the previous version, which was 0.20 according to the core info, fixed the issues, but then updating it again, after which the core info for Dosbox Pure claimed it was version 0.98, kept things fixed. The slideshow-lag with elder scrolls Arena was with the Dosbox SVN core. I never ran it with Dosbox Pure, it seems.