DosBox Pure and the Screamer Games

So far, the trickiest games I came across when trying to make it work on DosBox are the Scramer games, even the tricky Time Commando, which required a very specific way for it to work before the Pure build was around and a few others which required a specific CPU option just to boot. Can anyone get the Screamer games working on DosBox Pure, if you can, tell me how?

I don’t know if it helps any, but both Screamer games did load using the SVN core… but they took a full minute or so each to load (no shaders or anything applied yet). And when they did finally load they were way too choppy/stuttery to be playable. Too bad too because they seem to be quite snappy just playing the stand alone exo set.

I might check Time Commando as well but RA seems to choke up on quite a few of the CD based DOS games I have tried so far. I will just point out, the regular core method uses everything uncompressed so it’s not the compression holding these back, it’s something in RA or a limitation of all the cores.

Oddly enough, there are some CD games that play just fine… then again, a lot of games in this era didn’t really put any game files on the CD. It would only access the CD during a cut scene to play a video file for example. Everything else was installed on the drive.

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Have you created a .conf file or something that I could try here, specially for Screamer 2 which I’m trying first? At least here, DosBox Pure loads the zip files instantly, so games such as Time Commando and other CD-based games doesn’t take long to start at all. Thanks for checking and replying back!

I generally just use the .conf that comes with the exo set. Further inspection of the conf for Screamer 2 reveals that exo did in fact use a version called "Dosbox ECE (more info here, It’s basically a community created version with better compatibility for 3dfx (Voodoo) and Roland MT32 midi sound (exactly what this game is set up for). Now using Soundblaster for the sound should not affect performance at all but I can totally see a game not running well without a 3dfx card during this era. I also have to assume that if exo could have gotten it to run well in vanilla Dosbox, then he probably would have.

I tried deleting out the Voodoo lines in the conf but loading was exactly the same. I have a feeling that the core will just ignore any values that it doesn’t support and just use defaults anyway.

To make things even more confusing for me, the first Screamer is set to just use Dosbox 0.74! This is what the base core is based off of and it doesn’t load/play any better that part 2. So I really don’t have any idea what is going on with this particular series.

Sorry, wish I could be more help but I thought I’d share my thoughts anyway. Maybe it will send you down the right path somehow LOL.

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Screamer works for me in Pure.

Try using the game from the ExoDOS pack.

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I just tried it, you mean, the original game? Loading the .zip directly won’t start the game.

It does load for me so it’s probably not the core at fault here but the core settings.

Make sure you load the “run.bat” from the list.

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I’m using the stock config for Pure, also tried installing from inside the files list, which usually isn’t necessary for this core. Launching from the .bat files or .exe files only flashes the screen, getting me back to the files list. 3DFX for the second and third game won’t load too, I’m sure it’s probably on my end, but loading the .conf files from the SVN core runs these games smoothly, that is, once you use the CPU fine tuning settings, the defaults are way too slow for them to even start. I also had issues with Atlantis: The Lost Tales, a game requiring 4 CDs, while it does start in Pure, this game seems really sensitive to CPU type and clock speeds, to the point where your cursor won’t even move if the performance is too fast. Maybe it’s something I’m not doing right on Pure, but again, on the SVN branch, all these games work smoothly.