DOSBox-Pure problem installing software from Floppy images

Hello all.

Whenever I try to load content as a floppy image in the Core, it restarts with the new content instead of just swap floppies. Why?

Thanks for any help.

Regards =)

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Make a Log as answer could be there

Because you loaded new content. If the floppy images are in the same folder… use “Quick Menu>>Disc Control” to insert a new floppy into the virtual drive.

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I only can choose “next disk” or “previous disk”, or “Eject (enable/disable)”.

I tried to use them during installation, but none of them allows me to select an image. Not at runtime at least.

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Are your floppy images in ZIP format? They need to be unpacked and in the same folder.

As it says here you should create an M3U playlist containing the names of the images. Then use “Current Disc Index” to swap floppies.

e.g. Istall.m3u


The first image in the list will be mounted. Once you eject this disc you will get a list of disks in the Current Disk Index.

I tried, but then when I click on “next disk” in the menu, for some strange reason it doesn’t swap the floppy.

And sometimes I need to choose a specific image by label, so I would need to pick a specific image.

Thanks anyhow.

Another question: where do RetroArch keep core memory?

I’d like to “sideload” (term I borrow from the Android dev scene) some files in the core but I don’t find the core c drive memory.

To explain with better words, I’m looking for a way to inject data in the DOSBox-Pure’s hard disk.

Where is it located?

Is my purpose possible?

By the way I did as explained here:

But no luck

Edit: Nevermind, now I’ve been able to change disk image by label. Thanks a ton everyone for pointing me the right way, that link above helped too.

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Are you loading the image from the main menu, Load content?
Discs are changed from the Quick Menu, Disc control, Load New Disc. It does not matter that it is not in the same directory, it can even be on a network drive, it loads it. But…

As indicated in the official documentation and the developer’s own guide. You need to load the games in ZIP.

PURE has no editable disk, the disks are created dynamically, according to the needs…
When you install or modify a game, a zip is created in “saves” with the name of the game, that is a virtual disk, there you will have all the data, that and many other things explained in the two guides that I put at the beginning.

If you want to add more content, you can add it to the game zip, and when you load it, it will appear in PURE.
You can also load a zip with files, from the disk control, and it will mount it as an external disk.

PS. I would like to see what games you are loading, full name of the images, because there is no error with different names.

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