DosBox SVN Hanging/Performance Issues

Hi there, im having a problem with dosbox svn on retroarch for windows. I can load games but after a while or when i bring up the menu they hang. Is there any way to fix that or is it a bug?

Does using fixed cycles help?

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that seems to have fixed the hanging, but now the games are slow?

Raise the cycles then. 10000 for 386-like speed. 20000-30000 for 486 speeds, 40000 and up you get into the Pentium range.

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ok thanks, i just boosted up to 100000 to get super smooth fps lol. im pretty sure the max cpu cycles mode is to blame for the hanging. im going to report the bug on github. thanks.

I do have the same problem, btw. I just don’t know how to fix it yet :grin: