Double Dragon II - The Revenge. NES Vs. Genesis

So I have been playing DD2 - The Revenge on the NES Emulator and the Sega Genesis (MD) emulator and to be perfectly honest, I thought the 8-bit NES version was far superior to the 16-bit Genesis version.

Obviously the graphics are better on the Genesis version but the playability was better on the NES version. The character responses so much quicker to the control on the NES than on the Genesis.

Your thoughts on the DD2 game?

I haven’t played the Genesis/MD version, but the NES version has always been one of my favorite classic beat-em-ups in part because of the responsive controls.


The Genesis is usually seem as a bad port, and it is, but mostly because it has hiccups without any reasons whatsoever, the original DD arcade game is slow, specially when the screen is crowded. I tried DD2 on the Mega Drive (Genesis_Plus_GX), if you set the CPU to 200%, the game runs smoothly, so the gameplay is really better, I imagine that using runahead would make it even better for the controls. Otherwise, I wouldn’t consider this game playable at all. Here’s a sample I recorded some time ago, it’s smooth due to the 200% overclock, the developers really made the MD look weak for no reason, that’s sad:


Play Double Dragon Advance. Best move variety of the series, though it’s still a bit too slow for me.

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I tried to speed up the game but for me it still lacked the response that I got from the NES version.

It’s sad that they screwed it up so badly. But at least it isn’t as bad as the Amiga/Atari ST versions of Final Fight was…shrugs.

I’ll try the Advance version today. Cheers!

Yeah, it’s still flawed no matter if you get rid of the choppiness, but it sure does improve it a little. The NES version is even better than the arcade, did you check that one? It’s slower than the first game, the game struggles to run and almost stalls. It’s amazing since the first game, while slowing down, it wasn’t an issue and became a hit, the second and third game are so bad. Since 2 and 3 are bad, I can’t say they’re lazy ports on other platforms, and that’s why the NES version shines, it was made from scratch for the 8 bit hardware, if it was a port, it’d totally be crap. I wish they all did the same for that era, rarely ports ended up well, it’s surely much easier to just deal with existing assets than recreating them for a better result overall. Edit: I haven’t tried that, but if you’re familiar with runahead, it could improve the controls in DD2 on the Mega Drive.


Lookup Double Dragon 2 PC Engine Super CD-ROM on YouTube.

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Cheers mate. Will do.