Doubt about sharing directories in different versions on Linux

I have the PPA version for testing, Appimages for arcade and Flatpak dedicated to consoles. Can I assign the common directories to the three versions without having conflicts? cores, lists, thumbnails, saves, etc.

I think so. if you’re using the buildbot for cores with all of them, they’re all using the same ones anyway.

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I was thinking of using the PPA cores as a base. Although I’m curious that Flatpak installs the and the Shaders inside Root.

The idea that I have is to test in all versions if I get an error, I have noticed that it acts differently.

But in the previous version (1.9.3) the core of Genesis Plus GX not working in appimages. So do not know if this will be the interface, or the core. Will I need to have the kernels for each version if I want to try something?

I don’t think so, no.

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