Doubts about the HDR and the texture packages (Flycast)

I am experimenting with high resolution textures for Flycast. Since the HDR is latent, I would like to clear some doubts.

I know HDRI images that are created from several exposition, and those that are created from a RAW camera image with tone mapping, also HDRI funds for 3D environments. But all are images to visualize on a monitor 8bits and I have no idea how the 10bits is handled (beyond the movies I get in a fortuitous way on my disk).

I understand that HDR is luminance (lighting) and evidently affects the gradient of the shades of an image.

How would this affect emulators? Especially 3D, where the image is rendered on the screen.

To create textures for Flycast Are you going to need any specific image format? Maybe perhaps?