Dreamcast Bios files



It says here that the files for the bios for reicast should be (dc_boot.bin)… I’ve md5 the files so i know i have the right ones. Was just wondering if they are supposed to be named (dc_bios.bin)??

Is this just typed up wrong?

And the other one is (dc_flash.bin) but i think that’s the correct way it should be spelled.

Any help would be appreciated


looking in my system/dc dir, I have both and they have the same checksum, so it might have changed at some point. Dunno.


What I’m trying to figure out is if its case sensitive or if it just tries to find the right file.

If its like case specific then it will only work if formatted and typed the right way.

Regardless wether its the right file no?


case-sensitivity goes by the host filesystem. Windows isn’t, linux/mac/android/etc are.

But yes, it needs to be exactly the correct name. There’s no name fuzzing.


So im trying to figure out how its supposed to be named.

Ive been having problems getting reicast to work so ive been reading the forums. I noticed alot of people mentioning as dc bios. I’m not next to my machine right now so i can check later on tonight.

Was just wondering if anyone had a quick answer

Thanks for fast reply!


Changed the name of the bios file to (dc_bios.bin) and it still didn’t work.

Trying to get the dreamcast running not sure if its my roms. Gonna dump a bunch in and see what happens.

Would be nice to get clarity on what the bios files need to be named. I’m trying to troubleshoot what could be happening.

On another note I did get the same roms running on standalone reicast for android… So i don’t think it’s the roms.

Will post back if anything seems pertinent or might help someone else get it going


If you get a log, it will tell you what it looks for:

Loaded /home/asdf/Emulation/BIOS/dc/dc_boot.bin as bootrom
Loaded /home/asdf/Emulation/BIOS/dc/dc_nvmem.bin as nvram

That’s from me loading a game just now, so I guess that’s your answer.


Dc_nvmen.bin ??

Is that the flash.bin or something


dunno, but my md5sum for it is: 8ccec11561e7ab5f2c83f36905286964


Thank you so much. I will try and get to the bottom of it and post.


Looking at that link it looks like the path for the bios file should be in retroar/bios/dc ??

Is it diffrent for the stand alone lakka os. I been putting it in the system/dc folder


Hunterk what is the exact path for Where you have your bios files??



[system]/dc is the correct spot. Retropie does some things differently from us.


Thanks guys im not trying to be difficult but dreamcast is really giving me a hard time. I got gamecube running extra smooth on a corei3 with 4 gigs of ram. Im not sure what the deal with dreamcast is. And i don’t believe it’s my roms. Will double check again.

Thanks for all the help guys!