Dreamcast Cheats

Core: Flycast ROM: Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis (USA)

I tried using the cheats from this place GameHacking.org wich is a database for cheats. While the Emulator handled cheats I’ve tried did not work for Dreamcast nor did the sources from other places either. So What I did was use the RA cheat search function, which is a bit tricky for items that do not have a number attached to it such as the Gunpowders.

I contributed my own which enables the inventory slots to have x99 rounds/count of that item, excluding keys/herbs/gunpowder/etc. (Items without a number attached to it wont work). You can enable it once to raise the number item to 99, or keep it on so it stays at the 99 count. You can even change the “Value” so it’s 255. Even the magazine clips for the assault rifles will be rendered in those values.

Does anyone have anything to add, I tried to get an inventory cheat for Gunpowder but it seems more complicated than that. Sorry but this Libretro Forum does not allow me to post my .cht file or a .txt file either P.S Due to codebreaker/gameshark codes not working unlesss Im doing it wrong. The ones I posted are RetroArch Handled which have worked. For some of the games like Dino Crisis/RE it has been tricky and I have not figured out what codes are for items since they seem to be handled differently and are trickier to get.

Cheat File

img; Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (USA) (Dreamcast Version)

For Example you can change the vaule here if you want more or less than 99 which I set for this cheat.

Update 1: I also added Retroarch Cheats for PSP (PPSSPP core). MF link

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WIP (Work In Progress) for Dino Crisis (USA) (Dreamcast). core: Flycast Cheat Code Handling: Retroarch

  • Codes for Item Inventory Slot multiplying an item in the numbered slot by 99. You could do 255 but Im not sure if it will cause bugs or break the game.
  1. For Emergency Box Red & Green, (I’ve discovered they use a seperate code, It may also require a code for different locations for the boxes)
  2. Inventory Supplies x99
  3. 1 code to multiply plugs x20, it will only work when you find and pick up a plug
  • There is seperate codes not for your ammo in the inventory but for your gun that is equipped.
  1. Shotgun 2.Handgun 3. Grenade Launcher [The code will give x99 rounds] (have not tested on custom Handgun yet)

Cheats (WIP)

Example Image: Dino Crisis (USA) (Dreamcast version)

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Additional Retroarch Handled cheats for Dreamcast’s Flycast core

Update/Edit: I decided to throw the whole folder for Retroarch cheats here. I did not intend to make it for a bunch of games but since it did I will throw the link for it here. There will be more if I get around to it.

For Dreamcast I also added:

  • Blue Stinger (USA)
  • Carrier (USA)
  • Resident Evil Code Veronica X (Japanese to English translated ROM) Disc 1
  • Power Stone 2 (USA)

Media Fire Link to cheat files

Update: I added some PSP cheats

  • Dante’s Inferno (USA)
  • Disgaea 2 - Dark Hero Days (USA)
  • Disgaea - Afternoon of Darkness
  • Final Fantasy IV The Complete Collection ( USA)
  • Gurumin - A Monstrous Adventure (USA)
  • Medievil Resurrection (PSP)

Added a SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color cheat for Dark Arms - Beast Buster (USA)


Great Job @Joystick2600 keep up the Great Work

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I was wondering if you could help with getting cheats to get weapons for Alone In The Dark The New Nightmare for DC. I have been able to do the search to get unlimited health and ammo , but have not been successful with adding weapons.

hello to everybody. anyone can convert some cheats from Street Fighter III Third Strike and 2nd Impact for dreamcast? Resident Evil 3 Nemesis too

Try Gamehacking.net as you can download Cheats for Different Emulators

When it comes to quantity the cheat search seems to work better but some cheats I have not been able to figure out. For example when it comes to unlocking and getting items sometimes it’s tricky because it might have to do with other code that does not deal with quantity. I also have not been able to work on emulation for quite some time, I don’t really have the time anymore for emulation. I recommend looking at one of the cheat search videos to get a grasp on it as well.

In case the video does not play you can go to the tutorial videos posted there at https://odysee.com/@Linux_Gaming:2

Any can help me find mech modify and pilot modification cheats for Super Robot War alpha on the Dreamcast or if it can be done using the search cheat funchtion i;m using retroarch whit flycast as the core