Dreamcast .gdi file


As far as I understand, for Dreamcast ROMs, a .gdi file is necessary. In a case where I have the .bin and .raw files but no .gdi file, what can I do? Is there anyway for me to create a .gdi file with the .bin and .raw files? For example, for Crazy Taxi, I have Tracks 1-3 (Tracks 1 & 3 are .bin files, and Track 2 is a .raw file), but no .gdi file.


I have looked up the GDI from my Crazy Taxi ROM:

Track Nr. 2 is a .bin File at my ROM

Open a Editor save the file with .gdi Ending:

3 1 0 4 2352 “Crazy Taxi (Europe) (Track 1).bin” 0 2 450 0 2352 “Crazy Taxi (Europe) (Track 2).bin” 0 3 45000 4 2352 “Crazy Taxi (Europe) (Track 3).bin” 0