Dreamcast playlist does not appear


Good evening, I have an Nvidia Shield Tv and I have retroarch installed, everything goes very well with the systems I have, there is only one problem, I can not generate the Dreamcast playlist, I scan the folder where I have saved my dreamcast games, it completes its process of scan and the playlist is not generated and whenever I want to play I have to do it from loading content and look in the folder where the game is, what could be done in this case?


pudiste generar playlist de otras consolas? todas se alojan en el mismo lugar, es raro.

nvidia shield tv corre linux no?


Si pude generar la de las otras consolas, la unika que no se genera es la de dreamcast tengo retroarch en android tv


hey! i have the same problem with dreamcast games on the firetv. you could create a playlist on your computer and put it in the right folder (you have to edit in the right path with a text editor, afterdwards). i did that and it starts the games but they have audio and video stuttering, so they are unplayable. would be interesting if this would work on the nvidia shield tv