Driver The Wheelman crash


Hello! I would like to play Driver The Wheelman for psx using PCSX_Rearmed, but everytime I select “Retry” after I fail a mission it crashes.

Is there any solution for this problem? Maybe changing some emulation core settings?


Do you have a legit BIOS image and is it being detected properly? The other likely culprit would be disabling the dynarec, though that has a significant performance penalty.


yes BIOS is detected properly. how do I enable dynarec?


It’s enabled by default, you want to disable it. It’s in the core options (load a game, go into the ‘quick menu’, look for ‘options’)


I went in Quick Menu -> Options. No dynarec on/off entry.


Ah, what platform/OS are you using? If it’s not ARM-based, you shouldn’t be using this core because it has problems and is missing some features on non-ARM hardware (hence the name ReARMed). Use Beetle-PSX on non-ARM hardware.


I’m on windows. I’m testing it with PCSX_ARM because I want to play it on my raspberry.


PCSX-ReARMed is very different on x86 vs ARM. It has an ARM dynarec and a fast, accurate NEON renderer, neither of which function on x86.

I don’t know if Driver has any issues on ARM, but testing on x86 isn’t going to inform you on that issue either way.


on ARM Driver crashes everytime i select “Retry”. I was wondering if changing settings can solve that



can’t find dynarec option


Are you looking for it on an ARM device? because it’s not available on x86 devices but should be there on ARM.


I found it on the ARM device and disabled it. Problem still persists


ok, those were the easiest things to try. Other things include making sure your ROM dump is clean (i.e., make sure it matches a known-good checksum) and/or get us a log of the crash.


unfortunately seems there is no log for psx


That section is for generating logs from actual Playstation consoles (i.e., PS3 running RetroArch). On RPi, you’ll want the one for generating logs in Linux if you’re using Raspbian or something similar. If you’re using Lakka, the steps are similar but a little different.


That’s the log i get:

testing if we can run recompiled code..
test passed.

That sure looks like the dynarec is enabled and the crash happens right after it. When you disabled it before, did you ‘close content’ and then reopen it or just ‘reset’? If reset, try the other way.


I guess I didn’t close. Retrying now I get this:

I disabled dynarec. When the game started was already disabled


This is a known pcsx core issue. I reported the issue years ago at codeplex.

You have to debug and update pcsx.