DRM/KMS Driver

So background is I have spent nearly a week trying to get retroarch running well on either a Rock64 or Orange Pi PC Plus i have, both running armbian. Tested mostly on focal but a few other releases as well. Same problem on either one. Menu is extremely laggy and after a 2048 frame sample rate is only about 9-10hz. Retroangepi and Lakka both run fine on orange pi and I assume lakka would do fine on rock64, currently using it for octoprint so haven’t tested. Near as I can tell the difference in Lakka and Retrorangepi Have KMS enabled. Stock RetroArch and Lakka have gl as video driver but under system information in RetroArch Video Context Driver is x-egl, for Lakka and Retrorangepi KMS. I have seen how to compile SDL and exyons with KMS enabled but not opengl. Usually I enjoy these learning experiences but it has gone on to long and my brain is fried. Just wanted desktop environment and ability to boot to RetroArch. Any help or guides you could point me to is greatly appreciated.

Hi @headly617. Are you compiling Retroarch yourself?

Also Orange Pi PC Plus uses Mali400MP2 Rock64 Mali450MP2 so this helps me believe problem is with drivers.

I have used ubuntu ppa, libretro ppa, and compiled myself all with the same problem.

Video context driver will be x-egl when you run Retroarch on a desktop with an X server. To use KMS you have to run Retroarch directly in a console terminal (outside of X).

I’m not sure this will solve the performance issues, though.