DRMKMS display server. Kernel mode switching for CRTSwitchRes

Hi all,

I just wanted to announce that I will be adding a new video display server. I will be adding dispserv_drmkms as long as the RA team excepts it.

What does this mean to you. Well, this implementation will of course come with CRTSwitchRes. This means no need for X11 and XRandR. This will increase compatibility and speed and it should be directly compatible with RPi2 and RPi3.

This may also bring CRTSwitchRes to the RPi4. However, will update this statement once I hit the testing stages.


You reckon this will mean increased support for dual monitor setups?

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Sounds awesome. I don’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be accepted :slight_smile:

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@hunterk :+1:

I have just raised a pull request for X11 too. quite a huge update. Hopefully, it will fix a fair few issues people are having.

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Oh, that’s awesome news! I/we really appreciate your continuing work on this. It’s made a lot of CRT users very happy :smiley:


With this new feature you could use RA on a distro withouth DE like lakka?

@Nikoh77 Yes indeed.