DS2 + BeetleHW =?

Hello each and every single one of ya’ll,

So, here’s the thing…

i’ve noticed i don’t have rumble in the jungle support in beetleHW !! Even though RA is set to use x360 controller → Xinput … everything seems to be configurated just right…

Except , when i change controller config to DualShock in BeetleHW, my controller doesn’t work / isn’t detected anymore !!??

so, what needs to be done to have my Rumble in the jungle back :grin: :ok_hand: ? Or is Rumble still not supported for every controller in beetle !??

Once again, Dizz duck is shocked and appalled :v: :flushed:

EDIT: Just found out it wos an Retro Arch “Default” setting i had to change … again … :thinking:! Now rumble does work in BeetleHW → DualShock config

cheers, TD