Ds4 controllers no longer working after update

I’ve just updated Retroarch to the latest nightly and my DS4 controllers are no longer working.

When I go to input, they are listed as generic x360 controllers. What’s weird is RA Recognizes button presses if I try to remap the buttons but when I’m done, nothing works in the menus or the cores. Also when I press the PS button it brings up the RA menu. So I don’t know why seemingly half works and half doesn’t.

I’ve tried switching the drivers from xinput to dinput, etc. they just don’t work. They work fine in my Windows games, Launchbox.

Did something change with input over the last few months? My older version of RA was from February.

AFAIK, DS4s have never worked on their own and always needed some sort of intermediary, whether that’s ds4windows or Steam or whatever.

Forgot to say I’m using ds4windows. Sorry lol.

Can you try the latest nightly? We just did some work on the autoconfig system that should help.

Is it possible to use BetteryJoy with RetroArch to use Joy-Con motion controls to play Wii games? I can do this with Dolphin, but I want to use a crt shader.

I just updated from stable 1.8.9 to latest nightly and I’ve got the same issue, my controller isn’t working. It’a 8bitdo SN30 Pro+, using Xinput. It’s working everywhere else except RA.

Edit: Never mind, I had DS4 paired as well, which somehow was my primary controller. Removed it and it’s all good.

I don’t know what happened but It’s working now. The day I posted this problem I shut off my PC and now days later I turn it back on, boot RA just to try it for shits and giggles and voila. Oh well.

Problem solved.