Dual Sense Hotkeys not working?

Hey everyone,

I was just trying out my Dual Sense with Retroarch (connected via USB C to my PC) and it does work in game and in the retroarch menu, but I cannot remap any buttons or hotkeys. If I try to set hotkes for my Dual Sense, it just does not register any buttons.

That means that none of my hotkeys work.

Is this a known issue with Dual Sense controllers or is there something off with my setup?


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I use ds4windows with my PS5 controllers. While they are recognized without the software, with it they work just like Xbox controllers.

Hey Duimon, thx for the tipp. I just find it weird that RetroArch would register inputs from the dual sense correctly, except for when trying to remap the buttons.

Example: I press up and down on the d-pad in the retroarch menu and the menu moves up and down accordingly. However, when hitting the remap option, not a single button on the dual sense will register.

I think this bevior is just weird. Why is it like this?

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Is it possible you need to configure the defaults manually first? Many controllers are detected but not fully configured.

The ds4windows works because it maps to the xbox controller autoconfig by default.

What do you mean by “defaults”? How / where would I configure this?

Port 1 in the RA menu without a core running.

It will walk you through configuring the controller. I would do this only if there is no dual sense auto config.

I am just saying that just because a controller is recognized and works, it doesn’t mean it’s configured. The connection notification should also say if it is not configured.

Hmm thenI’m confused. Retroarch tells me that “Dual Sense” is configured.

Yeah that’s exactly where I try to remap the controlls, but Retroarch won’t read any inputs if I try to “set all controlls”.

So again: retroarch correctly identifies the Dual Sense and reads all the inputs, but I cannot remap any buttons where it says “press keayboard, mouse or controller”.

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Weird. I’ll set up a temp install, turn off ds4windows, and see if it works for me.

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It will work if “Bind Hold” is 0, which is the current default, and any “Bind Hold” value will also work in the next nightly, because: https://github.com/libretro/RetroArch/pull/16256

Confirmed and noticed with DualSense when DS4Windows is disabled, since then it presents itself the “non-standard” way in certain places, which is negative maximum as resting state instead of zero, and the holding binding function didn’t take that into account properly.

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Sorry, but I don’t think I grasp what you just explained. Let’s simplify this for a dummy like me: Is this behavior “normal” right now with Dual Sense or is my setup somehow at fault?

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Only if “Bind Hold” is not zero, like I said.


My Bind Hold is 2. I recently updated Retroarch to the newest version, but I guess the old settings were carried over from my previous install. I set it to 0 and it works now, thx.

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New defaults indeed only apply to fresh config, not existing configs.