Dual Shock 4 Controllers

Well, my sons PS4 has died. Which isn’t actually a bad thing, since I get his DS4 controllers.

They both worked perfectly on the PS4. Connecting via USB, they’re both detected and work fine on my PC. However, I can only get one of them to connect via bluetooth. My bluetooth adapter works fine with the Wii controllers and one of the DS4 controllers but for the life of me, I can’t get the other one to be detected. I was hoping to get them working for the touchpad on them - something the Xbox 360 controllers I’m using at the moment don’t have. Plus I’m fed up of buying AA Batteries.

I’ve reset them, plugged them in, unplugged them, even offered the cat as a ritual sacrifice but alas one works fine and the other doesn’t…

Any suggestions? Thanks.

In Windows, at least, you need to use some sort of middleware, like Steam’s input control or DS4Windows, etc., to work over Bluetooth. Wired should work okay without them, though.

The controller that works, works fine without and software - the extra program turns them from DirectInput devices into XInput plus gives you a shed load of configuration options. The problem I’m having is that while one is working perfectly, the other just will not sync via bluetooth. My bluetooth adapter just doesn’t see it when searching for new devices.

There are different versions, check the model numbers to see if there is some known issue.