DualShock 4 issues with RA

Quick question. When binding my dual shock 4 with retroarch it doesn’t seem to recognize the share and options (start and select) buttons. Does anyone else have this issue and is there a fix for it?

This isn’t a problem for old games that don’t use L1,L2 and R1,R2 as I mapped them there but playing anything for PS1/N64 etc this won’t work.

So curious if there is a way to get retroarch to recognize these or what am I doing wrong. Help!

Same here. I think it is possible, since in ios games like gta they work. And I wonder is it possible to add a vibration to psx games?

Yeah they worked for me too playing the GTA’s for iOS so I hope to get this working! Hopefully someone can chime in and help.

You are using RetroArch 1.7.8 on iOS 13 I assume? I added support for the updated game controller framework so it should work. Do the L3/R3 buttons work?

I tested using an Xbox One controller and the select and start buttons work. I don’t have a DS4 controller unfortunately.

L3 R3 works fine. Share, options and pressing on a touch panel didn’t work

As thefakesound said, L3 & R3 work just not share, options, and trackpad.

Oh I think the reason why is that the app needs to be built using the iOS 13 beta SDK for the additional buttons to work.

The trackpad isn’t supported in iOS.

I’m uploading RetroArch 1.7.8 v3, which has support for the share and options buttons if you’re using iOS 13.

Awesome!!! Thank you so much. I’ll be on the look out :slight_smile:

Which Android device are you using? Dualshock controllers works great on Nvidia Shield TV.

This is the Apple forum so wasn’t using any android device lol!

Hey buddi, is this fix possible for iOS 12 or previous versions? While I can pair my DS4 with nControl or c4all, the start, select, l3 and r3 buttons are not recognized. Thanks!

Hi there…I’m using a DS4 within RetroArch 1.9.0 into a MacOS 10.12 (Sierra).

I installed RetroArch, downloaded some cores, did some basic controller setup.

But then I get some strange behavior when using the left analog stick to move character during a DualShock compatible PSX game session.

When I pull up the left stick, it moves down the character and when I pull it to left, it moves right.

I double checked the input map and it’s absolutely right.

There’s something wrong that I can’t figure out.

Can anyone help with it?

Thanks a lot guys!