(Edited) 8bitDo SN30 GB Bluetooth controller problem

Edit… Realize now the autoconfig that is used is wrong or outdated. Not sure, but hopefully I can upload a new one.

I bought this

To use on retroarch on Nvidia shield TV pro 2019. It pairs just fine with the shield but when I open retroarch I can only use directional pad. No other button works. Any suggestions? I had this same problem on a firestick but was able to use another controller to at least get in to the input settings so I could then choose the button I wanted to map then grab the 8bitDo NS30 and hit a button to activate that controller then hold down the button I was mapping for 4 seconds. But for some reason on this Nvidia shield TV pro 2019 I can’t do that. With a working controller I can get to the input settings but when I push a button on the SN30 it says it’s configured on port 0 but can’t use any button. Not even the directional buttons unless I hit the home button on my shield remote and then reopen retroarch with the SN30, at which point I’m still in original problem of only directional pad working. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I have this exact issue as well. I have installed the latest retroarch from the play store (1.8.4) and updated the firmware on both of my SN30 controllers. They work very well with Snes9x directly, but I can only use the directional buttons in retroarch. I can start retroarch with my nvidia shield controller (2017) and use the menus, but as OP states, once I try and use the 8bitdo controller everything kind of shits the bed. Any help would be appreciated, even/especially a config file we could maybe drop into our retroarch folders?

I have figured this out vinnievegaz!

Unpair the controller from your shield. Power off the controller by holding the start button. Set the controller to x-input mode (hold x and then start till the power button blinks). Then pair with your shield again. It will be recognized as an xbox one controller in retroarch. I have been able to rebind all the keys but star and select as you need to hold the button to bind in retroarch, and they go into pairing mode before its bound.

Once I figure out the config file changes needed for start/select I’ll post it here.

Edit your retroarch.cfg file located in \SHIELD\internal\Android\data\com.retroarch\files

Edit the line for “bind hold” to “1” and save. You can now rebind the start/select buttons.