Emulation PS3 via RetroArch

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The PS3 has a CPU clocked at 3.2 GHz which represents a lot of computing power.

The question I ask myself is: why there is no Flycast core for emulating the Dreamcast & the Naomi system on the version of RetroArch for PS3 ?

Same for MAME, why does the “curent” version not exist ?

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Even though the clockspeed is high, the effective strength is more in line with a Pentium 3 ~800 mhz. I believe this is the main reason mame-current isn’t available. It’s just a lot more demanding than the old forks, and most of the added accuracy and compatibility is cancelled out by the limited performance.

Flycast is a much simpler situation: it needs OpenGL.

Thanks for your response so I have to understand that Dreamcast emulation will never be possible on PS3 ?

Not unless it gets usable hardware acceleration first.

OK & for other cores like Open Lara or those for the NEC PC 8800 & NEC PC 98 for exemple ?

They also use OpenGL ? The PS3 would be a very good retro gaming console too bad it lacks a lot of cores !

Open Lara, yes. The others should be software rendered. Dunno why they’re not included. Possibly just an oversight.

Can’t find the PS3 version on Github ? Where can I find it ?

No answer ?! I said something wrong ?!

No, I just didn’t see it.

We don’t distribute the PS3 version anymore due to it needing to be compiled with Sony’s proprietary SDK. There should be a “community edition” floating around the internet somewhere, though.

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I can’t find anything unfortunately… what are the key words to use ? Thanks

retroarch ps3 community edition

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Hello I downloaded RetroArch Community Edition in pkg format but the OpenLara core is not available… I don’t know what to do ?

Hello no response ?!

Correct. OpenLara requires OpenGL, which the PS3 doesn’t support.

Just as a point of clarification: In case you misunderstood, I believe when you asked

And @hunterk responded

I believe that was meant to be read as “Yes, Open Lara uses OpenGL (and therefore won’t work on PS3)” not, as I think you may have interpreted, “Yes, Open Lara should work.”

Feel free to ignore me if I’m assuming incorrectly.

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