[EmulationStation] Windows versions & failing updates

Hi, I’m currently struggling with updating EmulationStation. I have a backup of 5 new versions as following : v2.2.0rp, v2.6.0rp, v2.8.0rp, v2.9.0rp & v2.10.2.2 All of these won’t start and will just print this error box : The app didn’t launch correctly (0xc000007b). Click Ok to close. And no logs printed for debug. So far I couldn’t get a version newer then 2.0.1a to work but I really wanted to try the new theming features available since v2.4 (I presume) as I got bored of those white middle stripes. Question is : is there a particular dependency app I might be missing to get those updates to work ? Or are they supposed to only run on windows 10 ? (because I tried v2.9.0rp and it works just fine on a w10 system)

While this is not an emulationstation support forum I still hope someone could share his knowledge and help me sort this out. Thank you for your time.

Edit : With little digging, looks like this 0xc000007b error isn’t coming from emulationstation but rather from my system " 0xc000007b error usually comes from mixing up 32bit environment with 64bit one". Don’t know what caused the issue to happen but emulationstation is not the only app suffering this trouble on my end. No suggested fix worked and a system restore may not work as I don’t recall when this issue could have happen in the first place. I guess I’m good for an OS full reinstalment.