Enable/Disable SMC Checks Per Rom?

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pcsx_rearmed_nosmccheck = "enabled"

Is Disabling/Enabling SMC checks available per psx rom? On psx when I when disable SMC checks for a particular rom, I then go into overrides and hit save game overrides.

My understanding is that because its a quick-menu option, it should save in: .config/retroarch/config/[core-name]/[rom-name].cfg But instead, it creates an entire core config file that applies to all psx roms.

So, am I right in assuming that SMC checks are not able for setting per rom, using the save game overrides option?

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for core options, you use the “save game options file” menu entry from within the core options menu, rather than an override, which is really just for RetroArch’s own settings.

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I see, so SMC toggling is a core option only, not a retroarch rom override setting (right?)

Thanks, will test and report back!

That’s correct. It’s a function of the core, not the libretro frontend.

Hey, after some trial and error I learnt quite a lot… this is within a RecalBox setup.

So on PSX when you hotkey + b and change any settings* via quick menu > options the settings are written to the retroarch-core-options.cfg and saved. You don’t need to create a game config or save game overrides, it is written and saved and won’t default back on next boot.

So that’s the method for setting these options for all psx games. But to answer my original question, to disable SMC checks per rom you will need to start the rom, hotkey + b, disable SMC checks, save game config file (seen at the the top of quick menu > options), then you can change SMC checks back to your desired psx default setting. Exit the rom, open another psx rom to confirm that SMC checks are how you want them, exit rom then open the first rom that you saved a config file for and ensure the setting is correct.

Thanks @hunterk

*only tested the two high resolution settings and the SMC checks setting.

AFAIK, we default to separate core info files now. We used to do them all in one big file, but it was hard to deal with issues that would come up in a single core (that is, if you set a bad option, we couldn’t just say ‘delete your core options file’ because it would wipe out a bunch of unrelated stuff for other cores in the process).

But, if that’s how RecalBox is doing it :man_shrugging: